We're going to setup the map editor to work with the Antioch project. This will allow
the editor to see component and scriptnode types defined in the Antioch Base project.

First, build everything. The Antioch Base project has a post-build action that copies
the dll created by the project to the editor project's bin directory, so that should
all be taken care of just by building the project. Run the editor, just launch it
from visual studio.

Find the config tab, and expand it. Look for the entry 'assemblies'. As of the writing
of this, it's the only thing in the config. Clicking the button on the right with ...
on it will open the property grid collection editor. Click add, then under 'file' on
the right, type 'AntiochBase.dll'. Click Ok, then close the editor.

Open the editor again, and it should load all the component and scriptnode types in
AntiochBase.dll. This will allow you to open the maps in the Antioch project.

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