So you've built a map and now you want to try it out in a game. Lets go ahead and use the Antioch project to test it.

Save the map file to Antioch/Content/.
In visual studio, find the Antioch project. Right click on the embedded content project and select 'add', then 'existing item'.
A file dialog appears. On the bottom-right, change the filetype filter to 'all files'. Now find your map file, and click Add.
The map file appears in the content project. Right click the map file, and select 'properties'.
Now change the Content Importer to 'XML Content', and the Content Processor to 'Jemgine.Engine.MapProcessor'.
Now your content is ready to build, but you still need to tell the game to load your map.
The easiest way to do this now is to open up 'ScreenGame.cs' in the Antioch project and look at line 67;
Change "MainMenu" to the name of your map.
(There should be a console or command line interface to load maps without modifying the source at some point.)
Now build the solution, start Antioch, and after the press start screen, the game will load your map.

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